FA reveal offensive racial remarks by John Yems however nonetheless claims he’s “not a conscious racist”


The FA reveal numerous offensive racial remarks by John Yems however nonetheless claims he’s “not a conscious racist” of their report.

Yems was banned from soccer for 15 month for a number of violations of the Soccer Affiliation’s discriminatory feedback rule.

After making 16 feedback that “included an inference to ethnic origin,/or colour/or race/or nationality/or religion/belief and/or gender” in the direction of Crawley gamers between 2019-2022, the Soccer Affiliation charged him.

Yems admitted one cost however was discovered responsible on 11 different expenses referring to feedback made between 2019-2022 that made reference to ethnic origin, color or race, faith, perception, gender, or nationality.

A separate regulatory fee decided that 4 different gamers have been unproven. Yems was beforehand banned from any football-related exercise till June 1, 2024.


9. We heard oral proof from 5 gamers whom we discovered to be spectacular witnesses. All of them got here throughout as nice and measured people. In our view, none of them gave the impression to be exaggerating, not to mention telling deliberate falsehoods. We additionally heard from the Membership chaplain, a free Church minister known as Steve Alliston, and, briefly, Mr Williamson, an FA investigator. We’re fully happy that not one of the witnesses known as on behalf of the FA was fabricating his proof.

10. Participant 1 is a black footballer of African descent from East London. He joined the Membership from Eastbourne Borough FC at across the time that Mr Yems was appointed. He advised us that originally Mr Yems was actually useful and that Mr Yems had even requested the Chairman to extend his wages.

11. Nonetheless, Mr Yems then started to make use of demeaning language in the direction of Participant 1. He was continuously asking Participant 1 if he had eaten jerk rooster final evening regardless of Participant 1 saying that he was of Nigerian, not Caribbean, extraction and didn’t eat jerk rooster. To Participant 1 this was merely racial stereotyping. Participant 1
particularly recalled one event when he was taking part in darts within the canteen with Participant 2, one other black participant, when Mr Yems requested what they have been doing taking part in darts when individuals like them usually blow sharp objects by way of their mouths. Mr Yems then referred to Zulu warriors and made gestures as if utilizing a blowpipe. Participant 1 additionally recalled an event when Mr Yems referred to the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and, in doing so, exaggeratedly mispronounced the tip of his identify to sound like “nigger”. One other event was when Mr Yems, in referring to accidents, mispronounced niggles in order to sound like
“niggers”, at a crew assembly.

12. Participant 1 additionally gave proof about how he had noticed Mr Yems utilizing offensive language in the direction of different gamers, notably Participant 3 whom he likened to a terrorist. One other who suffered from Mr Yems’s “banter” was Participant 4 who can be mocked about consuming curry. In cross examination Participant 1 agreed with the outline of Mr Yems utilizing “old school politically incorrect” language. Nevertheless it acquired an excessive amount of, and finally with others he had complained to the PFA.

13. The second witness was Participant 4. He joined the Membership in August 2021 on mortgage from Queen’s Park Rangers. He’s 22 years previous and of half Indian and half Irish heritage. Mr Yems would make enjoyable of him for consuming curry. On one event when the gamers have been consuming pizzas from a sponsor, Domino’s Pizzas, Mr Yems requested him if he was upset there was no curry pizza and, on one other event, referred to him as a curry muncher. Participant 4 additionally recalled Mr Yems placing a fabric over his head and saying “Allah, Allah”. As soon as, Mr Yems was singing in an Indian accent and requested Participant 4 “do you sing in Pakistan” to which Participant 4 replied that he got here from India.

14. Participant 4 grew to become so upset about Mr Yems’s fixed racist “banter” that he suffered mentally. He even feigned sickness so as to not return to the Membership.

15. The following witness was Participant 5, one other black participant. He left the Membership in June 2022 when he was mentally in a foul state and had begun to drink closely after being upset over issues that Mr Yems stated. He recalled Mr Yems saying he didn’t consider within the “black lives matter malarkey”. On one event Mr Yems requested Participant 5 and one other black participant, Participant 2, in the event that they went fishing. Once they replied no, the response was that that made sense as a result of they might stab all of the fishes within the pond.

16. When Participant 5 got here again from representing Grenada, Mr Yems stated he mustn’t prepare with the squad and “look how black he is”; he then put his hand over his mouth saying he mustn’t say that. In truth, Mr Yems would typically make racist remarks equivalent to calling one of many gamers a “Zulu Warrior” and discuss one other participant, Participant 3, blowing up the stadium and having a bomb in his bag. As Participant 5 put it in cross-examination, “for him it’s a joke but not for us”.

17. Participant 5 has not the truth is been again to the Membership since he, together with Participant 3, was advised to “fuck off out of the club”. Mr Yems was apparently incensed by listening to that Participant 3, who was sitting with Participant 5 within the stand, had been laughing at one other participant.

18. Participant 3 is a proficient younger footballer from Iraq and is Muslim. He was the butt of a number of “jokes” from Mr Yems about being a terrorist. He was requested if he slept with an AK47, and advised that he couldn’t have a GPS vest “because you people blow up stuff in vests” and requested 10 or 15 occasions if he carried a bomb in his bag. On one other event, when Participant 3 was saying that he was going to play for Iraq and that England can be crushed, Mr Yems stated that he would in all probability blow up the stadium and proclaimed “Allah u Akhbar”. There was one other reference to blowing up the stadium with C4 when Participant 3 was within the altering room showers early within the 2021/22 season.

19. There was one event which Participant 3 described as going down at an finish of season presentation when he, as a Muslim, was not consuming beer like different gamers. In accordance with Participant 3, Mr Yems then stated “fuck Allah. He doesn’t even exist”.

20. Issues lastly got here to a head when Participant 3, together with Participant 5, was summoned by Mr Yems who was incensed at having heard that Participant 3 had been laughing at one other participant. Mr Yems shouted at him to “fuck off”. Participant 3 then advised the Membership’s former CEO, a pal of Mr Yems, that Mr Yems was a racist; the response was merely that he ought to maintain his voice down as a result of followers may hear. Since then, though Participant 3 was later advised that he was suspended from the Membership, topic to assessment after one month, he has not been again. He’s the truth is nonetheless paid by the Membership.

21. The ultimate participant known as by the Membership was Participant 2, a participant of African heritage. He joined the Membership shortly earlier than Mr Yems and left to affix Southend United in January 2022. He advised us how beneath Mr Yems the gamers divided up into cliques. He didn’t consider that Mr Yems was really a racist. Additional, he had not suffered as a lot as different gamers from Mr Yems’s “jokes” however he had come ahead to present proof as a result of Mr Yems’s language was not truthful.

22. He advised us how Mr Yems was continuously asking him if he was “going back to Peckham for jerk chicken”. Participant 2 would repeatedly appropriate him and inform him that he was neither Jamaican nor from South London, however Mr Yems would “recycle the joke”. This was a really stereotypical factor to say. Participant 2 additionally remembered an event when he was taking part in darts with Participant 1. They have been advised by Mr Yems that they might not play darts, solely use blowpipes.

23. Generally, Participant 2 was sad about the best way wherein Mr Yems used to make enjoyable of individuals and make offensive feedback in order to get others to giggle. This was despite the fact that he personally had not suffered as a lot as others. Participant 2 thought that this was as a result of he had made it clear that he didn’t recognize Mr Yems’s humour. 24. Along with the gamers, Mr Alliston gave proof. Because the Membership chaplain, he had no axe to grind. He was plainly uncomfortable in giving proof towards Mr Yems and certainly was eager to emphasise how a lot he preferred him as an individual. Nonetheless, his proof was certainly in keeping with the proof which we had heard from the gamers. He used to drop into the Membership on Thursdays throughout coaching and attend Membership video games.

25. Mr Alliston heard about gamers being sad about their therapy from Mr Yems. Mr Yems would typically make feedback which he believed to be humorous. However, in Mr Alliston’s view, his humour might at finest be described as outdated, and his jokes made individuals, together with Mr Alliston, uncomfortable.

26. Mr Alliston advised us how he had witnessed Mr Yems making offensive remarks about Participant 3. He was, after all, a Muslim, and Mr Yems made “jokes” implying that he was a suicide bomber. Though he stated in his witness assertion that this was on multiple event, the one particular occasion he might give in proof was a comment by Mr Yems that Participant 3 mustn’t carry a bag as a result of that made him seem like a suicide bomber.

27. Mr Alliston additionally heard Mr Yems refer to at least one participant of Asian heritage as a “curry muncher”. That was Participant 4.

28. The non-white gamers didn’t discover Mr Yems’s model of humour to be humorous. For Mr Alliston, it was a type of bullying despite the fact that Mr Yems didn’t consider himself as a bully. With hindsight, Mr Alliston thought that he ought to have made it clearer to Mr Yems that the issues he was saying weren’t acceptable. All he had stated to Mr Yems was that his remarks have been “a bit near the mark”; he regretted this, however he had not wished to rock the boat.

29. Lastly, for completeness we should always point out the quick proof of Mr Williamson. His proof involved the date of the match after which Mr Yems had develop into so offended with Participant 3 and Participant 5. We didn’t place a lot significance on variations of recollection in regards to the date, for recollection might definitely fluctuate. Nonetheless, for what it’s price, the date was doubtless on steadiness to have been that recognized by the 2 gamers in query, i.e. 21 September 2021 when Joel Lynch was substituted at half time.


“I don’t know John Yems, but unless the FA are channelling some sort of superpower that I’m not aware of, they have no jurisdiction and they’re actually not qualified to assess whether any individual is a racist or not. So how you can reach a conclusion like that in a case like this is completely beyond me.

“What this says to me in the way this report is structured, is that football has a problem with behaviours. Football has a problem in establishing what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, really defining it and really embedding it in the game.

“What the PFA have done in supporting these players and for the players to come forward is a landmark and it’s a turning point for football.

“But we have to take this turning point really seriously and use it as a baseline to drive appropriate behaviours across the game of football.

“If you look at the seriousness of some of these comments, I’ve never heard this level of serious, so-called banter. They’re just offensive and disgusting remarks made in a workplace environment.

“I’ve been involved in this industry for 25 years. In any other walk of life, this would be instant dismissal, but in football for some reason, we have a different standard for this set of behaviours and we’re trying to interpret whether an individual is racist. I find that completely and utterly bizarre.

“I think the facts are the facts, and the facts we’ve established are that a number of really offensive comments were made to Crawley employees by a senior person in an organisation, and we cannot determine whether that individual is not racist. I’m not making that assertion at all, but I certainly know the FA panel haven’t got the power or the insight to determine that either.

“What we can say is the behaviour is appalling and it needs to be dealt with. I’m not sure a 15-month suspension is an appropriate sanction for what I’m reading here.”

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