England’s Maddison reveals which PL participant he studied to enhance his aim and help tally


James Maddison has opened up on how he studied Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes to enhance his aim involvements.

The Leicester City playmaker is having fun with an outstanding particular person season for the Foxes, his 11 aim involvements (seven objectives and 4 assists) in 13 league video games for the Foxes propelling him into the England squad for the primary time since 2019.

It’s an enormous enhance in output from the 25-year-old, who solely had 9 and 13 aim involvements in all the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons respectively.

Speaking from England’s World Cup coaching camp, the midfielder revealed that he studied the performances of Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese registering 15 aim involvements in his first half-season within the Premier League earlier than following that up with an extra 30 in 2020/21.

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“A couple of seasons ago, when I wasn’t in the England squad, Bruno Fernandes was playing very well for Manchester United and putting up ridiculous numbers in terms of goals and assists,” Maddison stated at a press convention in Qatar.

“So I most likely watched him a bit nearer at the moment. How is he scoring so many objectives? What runs is he making that I’m not? If that makes me a pupil of the sport, then that’s what I’m. I watch each sport. My home is soccer mad.

“My girlfriend goes loopy as a result of I watch a lot. During the lockdown, when there have been 4 video games a day, I had all of them on. I don’t assume that there’s a participant now that I mannequin my sport on – possibly once I was youthful.

“I admire all the great gamers within the Premier League. I try to take one thing from every of the gamers I watch, whether or not they’re a better degree, the identical degree or decrease. If I’m watching a sport on TV, I’m typically watching gamers in my place.

“I’m a football man. I’ve said that many times. Because I just love the game. In my head, I’m still that little boy who is kicking the ball around in the garden on or with [England] face paint on.”

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